Introduction of Blood Analyzer

A blood analyzer, also known as a hematology analyzer, or CBC count machine, is primarily used to detect blood samples and to characterize and Quantitative analysis the presence of formed components in the blood and provide relevant information.

The Essence Of Blood Analyzer

Blood Analyzer is essentially an instrument for analyzing the quantity and heterogeneity of blood cells in a certain volume. The original blood count machine can only count red blood cells and white blood cells, then hemoglobin, platelets, hematocrit, Mean corpuscular volume and other parameters. After it was developed into a blood analyzer, many analysis and calculation parameters were added, such as red cell volume distribution width, mean platelet volume distribution width, platelet volume distribution width, platelet pressure, and large platelet ratio, various parameters and functions, such as white blood cell trisection, white blood cell pentacyclism, hemoglobin concentration distribution width, abnormal lymphocyte, and infant cell indication, have also been added to some instruments.

The Development Of Blood Analyzer

The traditional hematology routine examination method is to use the microscope to carry on the artificial blood red cell, the white blood cell number and the blood smear stain after the microscope to carry on the macroscopic artificial white blood cell classification, it takes at least 20 minutes for each sample to be tested, which is time-consuming, time-consuming and difficult for quality control. By the 1950s, with the advent of the blood cell analyzer, automated blood cell analysis has evolved from a single electrical impedance technique to a fusion of techniques. Different types of CBC machine include physics, chemistry, immunology and flow cytometry. Information processing techniques include volume-conducting light scattering, multi-angle polarized light scattering, etc., automated analysis of blood cells has evolved from a single, semi-automatic, unclassified trisection/quintuple classification to an automated analysis of blood cells, to fully automate the CBC 5 part machine, Reticulocyte, peripheral blood preparation, and staining processes, and in clinical applications, automated analysis of blood cells has evolved from a single complete blood count result to provide dozens of parameters for clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, and prognostic monitoring.

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