Medical Equipment in Radiology & Imaging Department

In the construction of a modern hospital, radiology is a department integrating examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Various diseases must be defined or auxiliary by radiology to achieve a certain diagnosis and treatment. For this purpose, a high-quality image (output of radiology imaging equipment) is significant for an understanding of what really happens in a body for achieving a better treatment.

Composition of Radiology & Imaging Department

A range of equipment in radiology department and imaging department started from ordinary X-ray film printer machines, computerized X-ray photography systems (CR), and direct X-ray photography systems (DR). With the rapid development in new technology, radiology has grown to include other levels and applications in imaging, such as computerized tomography (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), digital subtraction blood vessel Contrast system (DSA), etc. These different radiology and imaging equipment allow for real-time imaging in a comprehensive diagnosis.

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