• Urine Analyzer

Urine Analyzer

The urine analyser machine produced by us, one of the urinalysis machine suppliers, is a compact semi-auto urine analyzer with touch screen, user-friendly software. Built-in thermal printer allows user to print results automatically.

Key Features of Urine Analyser Machine

  • 5-inch touch screen

  • Strips: 11 parameters

  • 100 samples/hour

  • Dual-wavelength reflectance test method

  • Auto & manual test mode

  • Thermal printer, auto & manual print

  • Less and easy maintenance

Technical Specifications of Urine Analyzer

  • Principle: Dual-wavelength reflectance method

  • Wavelength: 520nm, 640nm, 660nm

  • Throughput: 100 samples/hour

  • Sample type: Urine

  • Test mode: Auto, manual

  • Waiting time: 15-60s

  • Display: 5-inch touch screen

  • Memory: 10,000 results storage

  • Language: English

  • Strip: Original strip, 100 strips per bottle

  • Report format: Semi-quantitative and qualitative

  • Coincidence rate: >90%

  • Power supply: AC100-240V50/60Hz

  • Working temperature: 10-30°C

  • Atmospheric pressure: 86.0kPa-106.0kPa

  • Relative humidity: ≤70%

  • Size: 360mm225mmx60mm

  • Net weight: 3 kg

Reagents of Urine Analyzer

11 parameters: Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Leukocyte, Vitamin C

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