Vaccine Refrigerator

Vaccine refrigerator and freezer refer to storage and transportation cold storage facilities and equipment equipped to ensure the quality of vaccines from production to inoculation. The purpose of medical vaccine fridge is to ensure that the entire process of vaccines used in planned immunization from production, storage, transportation, distribution to use has proper refrigeration equipment, so that the vaccine is always kept under the prescribed cold state, and the reasonable titer of the vaccine is not damaged. 

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FAQ of Vaccine Refrigerator

Do you have the refrigerator for the storage of coronavirus vaccine?

Yes, we have special vaccine refrigerator for the storage of kinds vaccine, also including coronavirus vaccine.

What is the capacity of the blood bank refrigerator?

We have different capacity for choice just according the demand.

What is the monitoring temperature range of the blood bank refrigerator?

The temperature range is 2-8 (℃) or ultra-low temperature upon the vaccine storage requirement.

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