Blood Glucose Meter

The blood glucose meter is an electronic instrument that detects blood glucose levels, which is mainly used to detect the blood glucose concentration in the body of diabetic patients; usually using the blood glucose meter can grasp the blood glucose concentration level in time, so as to adjust the diet and exercise in time to control the continued development of the disease. Therefore, it is an essential device for diabetics.

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FAQ of Blood Glucose Meter

Must I order both the diabetic machine and strips from you or I can use other brands strips for your blood glucose meter?

To make sure the accuracy of test result, please order the original strips from us.

If I order lots of strips, is there any chance that no more diabetes meter cost needed?

Yes, we have the policy once it’s matching the MOQ of strips, the blood glucose meter is free.

What are included for the diabetes sugar test kit?

The set includes blood glucose meter, strips, lancet, painfree lancing device and user manual.

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