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Endoscopy System

Endoscope System is a testing instrument that integrates traditional optics, ergonomics, precision machinery, modern electronics, mathematics, and software. It is composed of image sensor, optical lens, light source lighting and mechanical device, etc., which can enter the stomach through the oral cavity or enter the body through other natural orifices. The endoscope system can see lesions that cannot be shown by X-rays, so it is very useful for doctors.

The one-stop, cost-effective, High Definition Video Endoscopy System just got better. HD-550 / 500 / 350 Endoscopy System has evolved in many ways, excelling in a variety of routine and complex procedures.

Key Features of Endoscopy System

  • HD-550 / 500 / 350 Image Processor adopts the state-of-the-art technology to provide High Definitions of endoscopic images, improving efficiency and accuracy in routine and complex procedures.

  • It creates a clear and bright image contrast and greatly enhances the details of the mucosa and blood vessels. VIST makes it easier to detect lesions and predict earlier-stage tumors.

  • Storing and archiving what you have captured in a single step, also allows an easy DICOM transfer. Further, this intelligent built-in workstation lets you access patient data management systems, and generate and edit reports smoothly.

  • The CMOS sensor enables multistage enhancements in color, edge, and structure to display sharp GI images through internal processing, providing you with the details you require in procedures.

  • The 4-LED light source enables multi-spectrum and multi-mode imaging.

  • Equipped with the CMOS image sensor, the 500 Series scopes output high definition, sharp images with improved edge visibility and increased details.

Specifications of Endoscopy System

  • HDT-500 Trolley

  • 24' High-Resolution LCD color monitor

  • Video Gastroscope EG-500: Φ9.3*1050mm, 2.8mm working channel

  • Video Colonoscope EC-500T: Φ12*1350mm, 3.8mm working channel

  • Light Source: HDL-500X (300W Xenon Lamp), with VIST function (Similar to NBI)

  • Image Processor: HD-500 (High Definition), with 500GB Built-in Workstation

  • Water Bottle Set

  • Optional Configuration:

  • Video Gastroscope EG-500: Φ9.3*1050mm, 2.8mm working channel

  • Video Gastroscope EG-500L: Φ9.8*1050mm, 3.2mm working channel

  • Video Colonoscope EC-500: Φ12*1350mm, 3.8mm working channel

  • Video Colonoscope EC-500T: Φ12*1700mm, 3.8mm working channel

  • Video Bronchoscope EB-500: Φ5.3*870mm, 2.0mm working channel

  • Footswitch

  • Suction Machine

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