• JX820D Portable Phlegm Suction Machine

JX820D/JX820D-1 Portable Absorb Phlegm Machine

It is specially used for secretion, blood, vomitus, and mucus removal of the patient who has undergone tracheostomy or had the trachea blocked, and for emergency treatment to a respiratory tract patient in the hospital, first-aid teams, or social medical services, especially for a patient who is transported by the vehicle or is in a place without AC/DC power supply.

Key Features of JX820D/JX820D-1 Portable Absorb Phlegm Machine

  • Long life piston cylinder which requires no lubrication or daily maintenance produces no pollution to the environment.

  • Provided DC12V, and internal battery, it can be conveniently used in many places. When the rechargeable internal batteries are full charged, Model JX820D can be used continuously more than 25 minutes, and for Model JX820D-1 more than 60 minutes.

  • The internal battery is charged with constant voltage and limited current while the unit is working or being attached to AC100V~240V 50/60Hz or external DC 12V power supply. The capacity of the battery is respectively indicated by green, yellow and orange neon.

  • Overflow protection device can safely and efficiently prevent the liquid from entering into pump. Bottles made of plastic material are transparent, durable and convenient for cleaning.

  • Body made of plastic material is handy and beautiful. The wall-mounting frame make it widely used in the room, on vehicle and conveniently hung on the side of the wheelchair.

Specifications of JX820D/JX820D-1 Portable Absorb Phlegm Machine

  • Max Vacuum: ≥0.08MPa (600mmHg)

  • Vacuum range: 0.02MPa~Max vacuum

  • Flow rate: ≥20 L/min

  • Noise: ≥65dB(A)

  • Jar capacity: 1000mL (PC)

  • Operating voltage: DC 12V ; AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz

  • Input: 110VA

  • JX820D Battery duration on full charge: ≥25min

  • JX820D-1 Battery duration on full charge: ≥60min

  • Dimension: 43 x 42 x 39cm

  • JX820D: G.W./N.W.: 6.5/4.5kg

  • JX820D-1: G.W./N.W.:5.9/3.9kg

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