Operating Light

Surgeons in the operating room must be able to accurately distinguish contours, colors, and movements. Therefore, they need a light intensity close to the quality of sunlight, at least 100,000 illuminances. The operating table light can provide a maximum of 150,000 illuminance. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted stepless. In case of failure during the operation, the spare bulb can be automatically switched within 0.3 seconds, so the operation lamp can provide safe operation lighting.

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FAQ of Operating Light

What types of operation theatre lights do you supply?

We supply both LED and halogen operating light, movable, fixed and ceiling type, one head and dual heads etc.

What is the Lllumination at 1m(lux)?

For dual heads of LED types, it’s mostly around 80000-160000 / 80000-160000.

What' s the shelf life of your operating light bulbs?

It is normally around 50,000 hours.

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