Obstetric Table

The Obstetric Table is also called the gynecological operating table. It is to provide various hospitals, clinics, family planning stations, mobile gynecological examination vehicles for various gynecological examinations, diagnostic surgery and family planning examination auxiliary medical equipment. This series of products can arbitrarily adjust the various postures of the patient when visiting a doctor according to the actual situation.

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FAQ of Obstetric Table

Do you supply both manual and electric type of the Obstetric Table?

Yes, we have both manual and electric type for Obstetric Table for choice.

Does the Obstetric Table include sewage basin?

Yes, the sewage basin is a standard part.

What is the standard set of the accessories?

Accessories: a pair of arm resting frame, a pair of leg support frame, a pair of armrest, a stainless steel sewage basin, a hand-holding remote controller, a power attaching plug.

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