Blood Bank Refrigerator

The blood bank refrigerator is a professional cold storage device for blood bag storage. This kind of blood bank fridge can be used to store blood and blood related products. It is suitable for blood stations, hospitals, scientific research institutes, disease prevention and control centers and other places where blood needs to be preserved. It has a complete sound and light alarm function, with high temperature, low temperature, sensor failure, door opening, power failure, high ambient temperature alarm, and anti-failure functions.

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FAQ of Blood Bank Refrigerator

What is the monitoring temperature range of the blood bank refrigerator?

The temperature range is 4±1 (℃).

What is the capacity of the blood bank refrigerator?

We have the capacity from 90L to 1500L for choice.

If I want to store 80bags of 450cc blood bag which size I should choose for the blood bank refrigerator?

For 80bags we suggest the capacity around 280-300L.

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