• S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound
  • S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound

S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound

  • SonoScape's trolley color Doppler system S11 redefines price and performance with practical design. 

  • The S11 will go beyond your expectations but not your budget. 

  • As an easy-to use ultrasound system, the S11 is integrated with a new software platform, especially optimized for a smooth workflow and convenient operation. 

  • The system speeds up the exam process and makes file management easier.

Key Features of S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound

  • 15inch highly definition LCD monitor with articulating arm

  • Compact and agile trolley design

  • 3 active transducer sockets available for a wide range of applications

  • Duplex, Color Doppler, DPI, PW Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, μ-scan speckle reduction imaging, compound imaging, trapezoidal imaging

  • Customized settings based on your own working style

  • Full patient database and image management solutions

Specifications of S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound

  • Application: Abdomen, OB/Gynecology, Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Cephalic

  • Transducer Types: Convex transducer, Linear transducer, Trans-vaginal transducer, Micro-convex transducer, Phased Array transducer, etc

  • Imaging Modes: B, THI/PHI, M, Anatomical M, Color M, CFM, PDI/DPDI, PW, CW, TDI, TDI+PW, TDI+M

  • 15inch high resolution LED monitor

Images of S11/S11 Plus Trolley Color Ultrasound

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