Chemistry Analyzer

The chemistry analyzer is an instrument that uses the principle of photoelectric colorimetry to measure a specific chemical composition in body fluids. Because of its fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and small consumption of reagents, the biochemistry fully automatic machine has been widely used in hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, and family planning service stations at all levels. As one of the leading biochemistry analyser manufacturers, the chemistry analyzers produced by us are used in conjunction, which can greatly improve the efficiency and benefits of conventional biochemical tests.

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Chemistry Analyzer FAQs

Do you have semi-auto chemistry analyzer?

Yes, we have both semi-auto analyser machine and fully-automatic chemistry analyzer for choice.

The fully-automatic type speed is with 100/200/300/400/600/800/1000 tests per hour, etc.

Does your fully automatic chemistry analyzer support ISE function?

Yes, the biochemistry machine fully-automatic type which speed is over 200tests/h with the ISE function but as optional.

Is your chemistry analyzer opening system or close system?

Our semi-auto chemistry analyzer is opening system, for fully biochemistry analyzer, we have both opening and close system.

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