Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic is a special vehicle that meets routine physical examination, treatment, emergency medical rescue and other functions. The mobile care clinic is equipped with laboratory tests, X-ray machine, ECG, ultrasound examinations, electrical audiometry rooms, and other advanced medical equipment. With its unique flexibility, the mobile clinic has greatly stimulated the needs of medical units, and has formed modes such as door-to-door medical services, formation of medical teams to the countryside, and establishment of emergency medical plans in a short time in case of emergencies.

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FAQ of Mobile Clinic

What brand for the vehicle of the mobile clinic?

The famous brand of YUTONG or KINGLON which is the No.1 & No.2 for bus in China.

What examination can be done in the mobile clinic?

Like X-ray checking, laboratory tests, like hematology, chemistry, urine, gynecologic examination with an ultrasound scanner, ECG checking, medicine service, etc. Devices can be equipped with the requirement list.

Do you have a special mobile clinic for blood donation using?

Yes, we have a special mobile bus for blood donation, also others, like Nucleic Acid Sampling Vehicle, Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle, Mobile CT Vehicle, Refrigerated Vaccine Vehicle, etc.

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