Blood Gas Analyzer

The blood gas analyzer machine is one means to understand the human respiratory function and acid-base balance by measuring the H+ concentration of human blood and the gases dissolved in the blood (mainly CO2, O2). Blood gas meter can directly reflect the lung ventilation function and its acid-base balance. The specimens used are often arterial blood. Applicable to: diagnosis of hypoxemia and respiratory failure; differential diagnosis of dyspnea; differential diagnosis of coma; selection of surgical indications; application, adjustment and weaning of ventilator; observation of respiratory treatment; diagnosis of acid-base imbalance, etc.

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FAQ of Blood Gas Analyzer

What are the test items for your blood gas analyzer?

pH, pCO2, pO2, K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cl-, Hct, Glu, Lac.

Which kind reagent of your blood gas analyzer?

Flexible tests combination on single cartridge.

What calculated values of your blood gas analyzer?

cH+, cH+(T), pH(T), pCO2(T), pO2(T), HCO3-atd, HCO3-std, BB(B), BE(B),BE(ecf), ct CO2, Ca++(7.4), AnGap, tHb(est), sO2(est), pO2(A-a), pO2(A-a)(T), pO2(a/A), pO2(a/A)(T), RI, RI(T), pO2/FI O2, pO2(T)/FI O2.

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