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CBC (complete blood count) analyzer machine is one of the most widely used instruments for clinical examination in hospitals. It is mainly used to detect various blood cell counts, white blood cell classification and hemoglobin content. Through the content of these three cells, it can effectively help doctors screen abnormal samples and provide reliable diagnosis basis for the diagnosis and treatment of various anemia and related diseases. Apart from that, now we also have specific instruments for specific uses, like hb meter machine for detecting the hemoglobin content, blood glucose meter for detecting blood glucose levels and blood gas analyzer for measuring the H+ concentration of human blood and the gases dissolved in the blood, etc. As one of the leading hematology analyzer manufacturers, we provide equipments that make a great contribution to the diagnosis and treatment for patients. Contact us for more details about the hematology machine price!

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FAQ of Hematology Analyzer

Do you supply 5part hematology analyzer?

Yes, we have both 3part and 5part Hematology Analyzer for you to choose, so if you are looking for a great China hematology analyser manufacturer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a CPR type hematology analyzer?

Yes, as a big hematology analyzer supplier, we have a particular hematology analyzer which is suitable for PCR testing.

Does your hematology analyzer is opening system or close system?

Our 3part hematology analyzer has both close and opening system, but 5part hematology analyzer is close system.

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