Patient Monitor

A patient monitor measures and controls the physiological parameters of the patient, and can compare it with the known set value, and if it exceeds the standard, monitor can send out an alarm. The monitor must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of the patient for 24 hours, detect the trend of changes, point out the critical situation, and provide the basis for the doctor's emergency treatment and treatment, so as to minimize the complications and achieve the purpose of alleviating and eliminating the condition. The types of patient monitor according to different applied occasion can be divided into: monitor for ICU and mri patient monitor. And other patient monitor types of our company are as below, you can click the links to learn more.

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FAQ of Patient Monitor

What monitors do you have?

We have vital sign monitor, basic patient monitor and modular monitor. They can be used in emergency room, ICU, OR, ward or ambulances. 

What parameters does you monitor have?

We have basic parameters which are SpO2, TEMP, ECG, PR, HR, NIBP. High-end parameters are optional such as EtCO2, IBP, CO, AG, BIS, NMT etc.

What solutions do you offer for monitor?

We have trolley and wall mount stand available. 

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