• WBP302 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine

WBP302 BP Apparatus (Blood Pressure Machine)

  • WBP302 Uper Arm type Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is intended to measure blood pressure and pulse rate of adult. The measurement data is available for clinical reference. It can store, manage the measure data, and transmit the measuring result via wireless signal.

  • It is intended to be used in clinic, general ward, physical examination department and at home.

Key Features of WBP302 BP Apparatus (Blood Pressure Machine)

  • Blood pressure, HR, Blood range display

  • Large & eye protection backlight LCD screen

  • Intelligent pressurized

  • Clinically accurate & fast reading

  • Indication for the wrong operation

  • Special design to place the cuff

  • 100 groups of memory

  • Various cuff options

Specifications of WBP302 BP Apparatus (Blood Pressure Machine)

  • Type: Uper-Arm type

  • Size: 130 mm(L) x 55 mm(W) x 30 mm(H)

  • Weight:<350g

  • Measurement time: 20s to 45s

  • Bluetooth distance: 24 h

  • Charge time:<2 h

  • Cuff circumference: 22 cm ~ 32cm

  • Measurement range:

  • Systolic: 30 mmHg ~ 255 mmHg (4.0kPa ~ 34.0kPa)

  • Diastolic: 10 mmHg ~ 220 mmHg (1.3kPa ~ 29.3kPa)

  • PR range and accuracy: 40 bpm~240 bpm, ±5% or ±3bpm, whichever is the greater

  • Memory: 500 groups

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