Medical Equipment in Laboratory Department

It is one of the most important departments in a health facility. In theory, Laboratory Department should have an immunological laboratory, a biochemical laboratory, a clinical laboratory, and a bacteria laboratory.

Clinical laboratory work scope: three routines (blood, urine, stool), coagulation test, ABO blood type identification, eosinophil count, and hematochezia examination.

Immunological laboratory work scope: hepatitis B five items, hepatitis C antibody, HIV antibody, syphilis antibody, urine pregnancy test through urine analyser machine.

Biochemical laboratory work scope: biochemistry series, liver, kidney, ions, blood sugar, blood lipids, myocardial enzymes, etc.

Bacterial laboratory business scope: bacterial isolation & cultivation & identification and drug sensitivity test.

Composition of Laboratory Department

Laboratory Department adopts a wide range of medical equipment, such as Blood Bank Refrigerator, Laboratory & Pharmacy Refrigerator, Ultra-Low Freezer, Vaccine Refrigerator, Biological Safety Cabinet, CO2 Incubator, Centrifuge, Microscope, Table Top Steam Sterilizer & Autoclave, etc.

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