Infant & Maternal Care Equipment

Obstetrics and gynecology is one of four major clinical disciplines. With the advancement of in-depth research and clinical medical diagnosis technology on various subjects such as modern molecular biology, oncology, genetics, reproductive endocrinology, and immunology, the development of obstetrics and gynecology shall be broadened and deepen, which plays an important role in protecting women's body, reproductive health, prevention and treatment of various gynecological diseases.

OB&GYN adopts various medical equipment to offer a better service for mothers and newborns, such as infant care equipment including infant incubator, infant radiant warmer, phototherapy, fetal monitor and delivery bed, etc.

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FAQs Of Infant & Maternal Care Equipment

Can I buy one fetal monitor that can both monitor twins and mother’s parameters?

Yes, this can happen. We have an F9 express fetal monitor that can realize this function.

What's the difference between infant incubator and radiant warmer?

Infant incubators mainly provide a comfortable environment with appropriate temperature and humidity and neonates can stay there for a long time. Radiant warmers mainly provide a suitable place for doctors and nurses to operate for a short time.

What functions do your incubator have?

We have different modes of incubators for your option. And below functions are available: VHA(Vertical height adjust), phototherapy unit, air mode and baby mode temperature controlled by micro-computer,  X-ray cassette under the bassinet, weighting system and observation lamp and etc.

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