• F15 Fetal Monitoring Equipment

F15 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

  • As an ultimate CTG machine, F15 Series Fetal and Maternal Monitor is the perfect combination of advanced technology and sophisticated algorithm for Obstetrics' new era.

  • With state-of-art design, delicate appearance and strong mechanical structure, F15 presents the midwives with the deepest sincerity to bring the most efficient work flow to clinics, such as automatic probe activation and wireless charging, to keep the monitoring process in hand all the time.

  • Consider F15 not only for today's monitoring needs but also as an enduring platform for the future. There are two models for different clinical environment, the wired and the wireless configurations.

Key Features of F15 Fetal & Maternal Monitor

  • Without taking down transducers, patient information and transducer identity can be shifted to another F15 unit immediately.

  • Make the mother's childbirth process more comfortable and time-saving patient’ data could be switched from one drive to another one at one click.

  • Reusable electrode to get maternal heart rate.

  • More comfortable for mothers when monitoring.

  • Provide maternal and fetal heart rate signal overlap to prevent over-intervention.

  • Save offline data within 15-min for continuous to ensure fetal safe.

  • Offline data can be uploaded to F15 immediately when reconnected.

  • The essential purpose of monitoring fetal heart rate is to be alert to abnormal fetal heart rate conditions.

  • Since CTG is a non-invasive long-term monitoring method, it is difficult to be alert to severe conditions timely.

  • To include more sophisticated alarm information on F15 gives more power to midwives for quickly identifying critical clinical cases.

Specifications of F15 Fetal & Maternal Monitor


F15 8.0kg approx.


15.6inch, 1920*1080 Pixel

Multicolor LCD Touch Screen

Ultrasound Transducer

12-Crystal Transducer, Cable Length 2.5m

Weight 120g, Dimension 91±3mm(L) φ76±3mm

W 20±2mm H

TOCO Transducer

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 120g

Dimension 91±3mm(L) φ76±3mm W 20±2mm H

Remote Event Marker

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 56g


Cable Length 0.5m, Weight 58g


Cable Length 2.0m, Weight 68g


Cable Length 3.3m, Weight 194g


Cable Length 3m, Weight 60g

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nominal Voltage 10.8V, Nominal Capacity 5000mAh

Continuous Working Time >2 hours

Necessary Charge Time<7 hours

Cycle Life >300 times


Thermal Dot-matrix Recorder


Z-fold, Thermosensitive

(Compatible with GE and Philips recorder papers)

Paper Width


Effective Printing Width

110mm (American Standard)

120mm (International Standard)

FHR Printout Width

70mm (American Standard)

80mm (International Standard)

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