• B3 B6 B8 Neonatal Incubator Price
  • B3 B6 B8 Neonatal Incubator Price
  • B3 B6 B8 Neonatal Incubator Price
  • B3 B6 B8 Neonatal Incubator Price
  • B3 B6 B8 Neonatal Incubator Price

B3/B6/B8 Infant Incubator

Being a famous infant incubator manufacturer in China, Alltrustedmed produces neonatal incubator which is a warming equipment used for providing constant temperature and humidity for treatment of premature infants and critical neonates on the basis of satisfying their physiological characteristics and needs.

COMEN B3 B6 B8 incubator was thoughtfully designed to provides stable temperature and suitable humidity ambient, in addition to configured vital signs monitoring function to promoting the growth and stability of even the most fragile of patients.

B3/B6/B8 Infant Incubator Key Features

  • Combined with the self-rescue apnea function, B3 B6 B8 infant monitoring incubator demonstrates our pursuit for professionalism and perfection.

  • Symmetrical double air inlet and double air outlet design Uniform temperature and humidity inside the incubator.

  • The closed-loop feedback control is achieved through air-oxygen ratio calculation and oxygen concentration measurement.

  • Oxygen concentration detection accuracy is up to ±2%.

  • The machine is built specifically for newborns and features ExNeo® ECG technology, Adap-DSP® NIBP technology, Masimo SpO2, self-rescue apnea technology, biocompatibility tested accessories for newborns, and more.

  • Foot pedal and touch screen dual control to provide the right bed height for healthcare workers of different heights.

  • Abandons manual adjustment knob and realizes one button control through the touch screen, which enables easy operation.

  • 12.1" LED backlit touch screen with shuttle and touch dual control and key backlight.

  • Screen slide design can be slid left or right and tilted up or down for easy viewing.

B3/B6/B8 Infant Incubator Specifications

  • Standard Configuration: Humidity Control, Temp (skin temperature& incubator air temperature), Recorder, tray, Height adjustment, Damping doors, Masimo SpO2, 3-lead ECG, RESP, NIBP, HR

  • Optional Configuration: Weight Scale, EtCO2, 5-lead ECG, Nellcor SpO2, O2 concentration monitoring, Apnea monitoring, Apnea awaking, Servo oxygen supply

  • Screen Size: 12.1" TFT touch screen, 800 × 600

  • Air temperature control range: 25'C-39'C(override mode 37C-39℃)

  • Baby temperature control range: 35℃-37.5'C(override mode 37C-38C)

  • Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.3'℃

  • Noise inside hood: ≤45dB(A)

  • Failure alarm: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motor fan failed alarm, power failure alarm, water tank position alarm, system alarm and so on.

  • Humidity display range: 30%RH-95%RH

  • Accuracy of humidity display: ±1%RH

  • Indication range of oxygen concentration: 10%~100%

  • Control range of oxygen concentration: 21%-60%

  • Weighing Range: 300-8000g (weight system)

  • Resolution for weight indication: 1g (weight system)

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