• HP-30 Single Syringe Pump
  • HP-30 Single Syringe Pump
  • HP-30 Single Syringe Pump

HP-30 Syringe Pump

The HP-30 Syringe Pump is a sophisticated system that is used to deliver a small doses of medication from a variety of syringe sizes in acute care settings.

Key Features of HP-30 Syringe Pump

  • Recent therapy: 20 recent therapies are recorded and can be used for rapid infusion

  • Rate change during infusion: Infusion rate can be changed anytime during infusion, not necessary to stop infusion before change

  • Relay Function: Continuous infusion among any pump within docking station at any mode to guarantee non-stop therapies for sensitive drugs

  • Auto screen lock: "OFF" and "ON" 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 30min selectable when "ON"."OFF" by default

  • Drug library: More than 1500 drugs available with soft and hard limit editable (DERS), up to 5000 drugs can be built in

  • Repeat alarming: Alarm sounds again in 2 minutes, if there is still alarm after alarm is mute

  • Event recording: Maximum 2000 events can be stored and play back

  • Sound volume: 5 levels selectable

  • Power supply switching: When AC/DC power supply is cut off, the infusion automatically switching to internal battery supply

Specifications of HP-30 Syringe Pump


Syringe Pump






About 1.8kg (including the battery)

MRI compatibility

MRI compatible with HP-80 MRI

Infusion rate

0.01~60.00(ml/h) (2ml syringe);

0.01~90.00(ml/h) (3ml syringe);

0.01~150.0(ml/h) (5ml syringe);

0.1~600.0(ml/h) (10ml syringe);

0.1~1000(ml/h) (20ml syringe);

0.1~1200(ml/h) (30ml syringe);

0.1~2200(ml/h) (50/60ml syringe);

Infusion Mode

Rate mode, Time mode, Weight mode, Sequence mode, Trapezia mode, Micro mode, Loading Dose mode, TIVA mode and PCA mode(optional), Intermittent mode

Drug Library

A maximum of 5,000 drug types can be stored

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