Hemodialysis Chair

The hemodialysis chair is mainly used in the hemodialysis room and dialysis room of the hospital. Special seats for patients during hemodialysis, hemodialysis patients are the largest user group. During the process of hemodialysis, the patient can adjust the height of the back, legs, and cushion arbitrarily to achieve the best posture and comfort of the body. The display screen can display the weight change of the patient during the dialysis process.

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FAQ of Hemodialysis Chair

The Hemodialysis Chair is electric or manual type?

We have both manual and electric type for choice.

What are the optional accessories for the Hemodialysis Chair?

Optional accessories like back up battery is available in case of power failure; LED reading lamp; paper roll holder, over-bed table, etc.

What is the loading capacity?

The maximum loading capacity can be 250kgs.

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