• GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed
  • GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed

GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed

  • Baosteel from Fortune Global 500. 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-bacterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact. The service life of this kind of orthopedic hospital bed can be well ensured.

  • Panasonic robotic ensure, 360° full smooth welding Solid bed base made of 5.0 mm stamped rotating plate.

Key Features of GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed

  • Aluminum Balkan Frame, which can adjust the longitudinal, lateral, and height positions in all directions, and can accurately adjust the most comfortable posture of the patient.

  • Retractable hand crank, 100,000 times remaining intact. Extreme protection device sounds when tipped to the max position, strong pallets to increase the bed.

  • Reduce the impact of the collision, be safe and slinky, protect the bed and patient during transportation.

  • Stamping forming platform, smooth surface no welding scar, bearing 250KG load. Option ABS platform and resin X-ray translucent platform.

  • Aluminum alloy side rail, 6-staff, collapsed type with safe lock.

  • Aluminum alloy flat tube, MDF material fire-proof plate. size of the head & footboard can be customized

  • 3 functions manual

Technical Parameters of GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed

External length


External width


Bed height


Mattress platform


Safe working load


Technical Configuration of GT3k Manual Orthopedic Hospital Bed

Manual cranks

3 pcs

5″ double side castors, central locking

4 pcs

Central locking pedal

2 pc

Aluminum alloy ABS head and footboard with safe lock

1 set

Aluminum alloy foldable side rail

1 set

IV pole

1 set

IV pole prevision

4 pcs

Drainage hook

2 pcs

Aluminum Balkan frame

1 set

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