• Refrigerated Mobile Vaccine Clinic

Refrigerated Vaccine Vehicle

This kind vehicle is specially developed for "vaccination" stage to ensure cold-chain transportation of vaccines throughout, guaranteeing activity and effect of the vaccine.

Key Features Of Refrigerated Vaccine Vehicle

  • Heat insulation performance is good: Adopt high-quality polyurethane insulation material Door frame adopts a broken cold-bridge structure.

  • Reliability is high: Adopt full-closed PU plate bonding structure with high strength and non-deformation; Adopt tinning wire harness whose service life is extended by over 2-3 times than ordinary copper wire.

  • Intelligence level is high: Temperature and humidity monitoring system is installed in the cargo compartment, with over-temperature alarm and other functions; 

  • Cloud platform RMS realizes vehicle temperature & humidity data, travel track monitoring and query, etc.

Technical Configuration Of Refrigerated Vaccine Vehicle

  • Compartment volume: Over 7.3m³

  • Compartment interior material: FRP skin

  • Ventilation slot: Floor and sidewall ventilation slots

  • Refrigeration unit: Imported Carrier refrigeration unit: refrigerating capacity 3730W at 0℃/30℃, refrigerating capacity 2080W at -20℃/30℃, with an emergency power function.

  • Full electric refrigeration unit: refrigerating capacity 1210W at 0℃/30℃, refrigerating capacity 470W at -20℃/30℃

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring system: Data printing, remote monitoring, GPS positioning, alarm, etc. 

  • Options: Curtain and stainless steel plate interior skin are optional

  • Safety configuration: Tire pressure alarm, active airbag

  • Power system: Lithium battery, 12V, 412Ah, used as emergency power

  • Other features: Reversing camera, central lock

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