Video Laryngoscope

The video laryngoscope is a new type of video intubation system. A high-definition anti-fog camera is installed in the front of the lens, and two light-emitting diodes provide light and contrast. The image is transmitted and magnified to a 7-inch LCD monitor through an optical cable. There are flexible video laryngoscope, handheld video laryngoscope and reusable video laryngoscope, etc. for you to choose.

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FAQ of Video Laryngoscope

What consumables do you supply?

We supply different blades. SS for neonate, S for pediatric, M for adult, Macintosh #3(adult), Macintosh #4(adult) and L (difficult airway) 

Can I connect it with bigger size monitor for reviewing?

Yes, we have HDMI connection port.

Is your video Laryngoscope operated on battery?

Yes, the machine come with a rechargeable lithium battery. Charging time 4 hours and working time 4 hours.

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