• I 1000 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyser

I1000 Automated Chemiluminescence Analyser

  • I 1000 Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System uses the magnetic

  • Multiple magnetic separation technology. High-efficient B/F separation

  • Patented magnetic field design. Strictly control the loss of mag-bind

Key Features of I1000 Automated Chemiluminescence Analyser

  • Liquid tracking technology ensures accurate sample loading even when the sample volume is small

  • The needle has liquid level detection, clot detection, and air bubble detection

  • Single-module runs up to 180T/H

  • Time to the first result: 14minutes

  • Automatic start-up and shutdown. Automatic maintenance

  • Continuous reagents replacement, samples loading during the operation

  • STAT prioritization. Automatic rerun

  • Full loaded unattended operation for 4 hours

  • Remote diagnosis. Through a system of metrological traceability

Specifications of I1000 Automated Chemiluminescence Analyser

  • Technology: Automatic / single tube

  • Principle: Acridinium Ester (AE) direct chemiluminescence immunoassay technology

  • Throughput: 180 Tests/h for one module

  • Time to the first result: 14min

  • Sample loading capacity: 50, loading with sample racks.

  • Automatic retest, STAT samples could be placed randomly and tested preferentially

  • Sample carry-over <0.1ppm

  • Foam/Clot and Liquid level detection / Volume tracking /

  • Collision-avoidance

  • Sample type: Serum /Plasma /Whole blood /Urine

  • 30 reagent positions

  • Information management through Radio Frequency

  • Identification Card (RFID), Real-time, onboard mixture of magnetic beads

  • Reagent online replacement

  • Loading capacity of cuvettes: 1200

  • Reaction temperature: 37ºC

  • Model: Compatible with the common immunoreaction

  • Mixing: Non-contact Stir

  • Magnetic separation: Multiple magnetic separation technology

  • Operation system: Windows 7 and above

  • Display: LCD touch screen

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