• Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle

Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle

This well-equipped model is a mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory specially developed for the "detection and diagnosis" stage.

Key Features Of Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle

  • Strong ability of nucleic acid specimen testing: Specimen mixed testing 1,000 specimens within 8 hours (five specimens tested together); Tradition arrangement 200 specimens within 8 hours.

  • Strong safety performance: Up to level P2 biosafety laboratory standards. Standard PCR partition design.

  • Visual smart control system: Real-time monitoring of dynamic pressure difference. Monitoring and control of temperature and humidity. Fault alarm.

  • Air conditioning and purifying system: Level 7 purification standard. Directional aim low.

  • Anti-leakage: Highly integrated facilities for water, electricity, air supply and exhaust, wastewater treatment, and medical disinfection.

Technical Configuration  Of Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle

  • Refrigerator for reagent storage: Storage of lab reagents: refrigeration temperature: 2-8℃ Freezing temperature: -20℃; available capacity: 210L

  • Modular air conditioning and purifying units: Gradient pressure: ensure the negative gradient pressure of three areas of reagent preparation area (+10pa) → sample preparation area (-10pa) → nucleic acid amplification area (-20pa)

  • Automatic nucleic acid extractor: Nucleic acid extraction: Automatic separation and purification of high purity nucleic acids from various sample materials

  • Biosafety cabinet: Sample isolation protection: high-efficiency intake/exhaust HEPA filter to protect staff safety, avoid contamination of handling samples and protect the environment

  • Autoclave: Removal of viruses: Capacity is 80L

  • High-speed refrigerated centrifuge: Centrifuge to prepare samples: 21100xg centrifugal force, 14800rpm rotational speed, equipped with certified anti-biological contamination angle rotor (24x1.5/2ml)

  • Vortex mixer: Reagent mixing: Maximum load (with clamp) 3kg, continuous operation/inching

  • QF-PCR instrument: Quantitative analysis of specific DNA sequences in the sample to be tested; Response running time:<30 minutes

  • Mini centrifuge: Reagent centrifugation: 32-channel, instant centrifugation

  • Pipette: Liquid transfer: 0.1-2.5ul, 0.5-10ul, 10-100ul, 20-200ul, 100-1000ul

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