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All Trusted Medical Co., Ltd is a leading professional's services in comprehensive medical solutions. With over 15 years experience of medical device market in China, we provide a total solution for new hospital setting-up, NGO's medical projects, and mobile clinic solutions.

As a bridge for the One Belt One Road Initiative, we link up supply chains for overseas customers with our rich market experience in medical equipment. Our mission is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price to assist customers in properly identifying and meeting their needs in healthcare products.

We mainly provide healthcare solutions medical supplies ranging from medical apparatus and instruments, hospital supplies including hospital medical supplies and hospital instrument, clinic equipment & supplies to healthcare equipment & supplies etc. The main products include but not limited to X-ray Machine, Ultrasound, Hematology, Chemistry, Specific Protein Analyzer, Patient Monitor, ECG, Hospital Bed; Those medical equipment are mostly supplied to Hospital, Medical Center, Clinic, Laboratory, etc.

Types of Medical Equipment Products

Advantages of Medical Equipment Products

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    One of the top medical equipment wholesale suppliers in China, boasting ISO, CE, even FDA certificates, the quality can be well ensured.

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    Strong after-sales service and technical support, 24*7 engineer service

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    Professional one-stop solution offering customers the right choice with competitive price

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    Self-owned logistics company which guarantees a timely and safe shipment

Testimonials of Medical Equipment Products

  • Jason

    One of the TOP medical equipment exporter in China, boasting ISO, CE, even FDA certificates, the quality can be totally ensured.

  • Vice President and Regional Director, Africa

    Shenzhen AllTrusted Medical Co., Ltd came through for us, responding swiftly with quotations, quality certifications and securing shipping at a time when demand was so high and costs were soaring on a daily basis.

    Dr. Esther Njoroge-Muriithi, Vice President and Regional Director, Africa
  • Ms Grace W. Ndegwa Director, Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards

    We are delighted to receive your support for the 2nd Quality Healthcare Ken yan Awards(QHKA) that drives for Quality Patient-Centred care themed "Measuring Health care Quality for System Improvement" set to take place on 7th April 2021 in Nairobi, Kenya. We thank Shenzhen All Trusted Medical Co., Ltd for the in-kind support of disposable face masks KN95 for use during the award gala dinner.

    Ms Grace W. Ndegwa Director, Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards

Importance of Medical Equipment in Hospitals

Medical equipment is the technical foundation and important tools for medical diagnosis and treatment. It is the ultimate goal of the hospital to scientifically introduce and apply medical equipment and let them play their role in medical teaching and research. Medical equipment will not automatically realize its own value. The value of the equipment can only be realized with efficient operation and scientific management both in macro-level and micro-level.

Managers must master the basic knowledge, work objectives and needs of various disciplines in the hospital; understand modern medical science and technology, learn medical device product development and the status quo, as well as domestic and overseas market information, so as to lay a good foundation for management, to achieve the goal of a safe, efficient and beneficial management.

What Are the Types of Medical Equipment?

The basic configuration standards of medical equipment in different departments should follow below principles: ensuring basic clinical needs, professional equipment relatively centralized while decentralized use, and specialized management but share use. The basic medical equipment required for outpatient departments, wards, outpatient and emergency operations, and necessary clinical experiments are configured in medical departments. And it can be divided into diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment and auxiliary (basic) equipment.

Diagnostic Equipment

a) X-ray diagnostic equipment

b) Functional inspection equipment

c) Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

d) Endoscopy equipment

e) Laboratory diagnostic equipment

f) Pathological diagnosis equipment

g) ENT examination equipment

Treatment equipment

a) Ward nursing equipment

b) Surgical equipment

c) Laser treatment equipment

d) Dialysis treatment equipment

e) First aid equipment

f) Rehabilitation and other treatment equipment

Auxiliary (basic) equipment

a) Disinfection and sterilization equipment

b) Blood bank equipment

c) Dedicated transportation equipment

d) Preparation room equipment

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With over 15 years' experience in medical device market in China, we provide a total solution for new hospital setting-up, NGO's medical project and mobile clinic solution.