Clean Bench & Laminar Flow

The clean bench & laminar flow is a box-type air purification equipment that can provide a local dust-free clean and aseptic working environment. And the polluted air in the work area can be controlled artificially through a special filter channel to avoid harm to people and the environment. This kind of laminar flow clean air bench is widely used in biological laboratories, medical and health, biopharmaceutical and other related industries. It has a good effect on improving process conditions, protecting the health of operators, and improving product quality and yield.

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FAQ of Clean Bench & Laminar Flow

What is the Fluorescent Lamp Intensity (Lux) of your clean bench & laminar flow?

Fluorescent Lamp Intensity (Lux)≥300.

I want to order a clean bench & laminar flow for a teaching hospital, do you have?

Yes, we have different capacity of the clean bench & laminar flow for choice. 

What typical efficiency for your clean bench & laminar flow?

Exhaust Filter Typical Efficiency: H13 HEPA,99.99%@0.3um

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