• HP 80 Infusion Station

HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

  • Integrated Solution for safe and continuous infusion administration in MRI environments.

  • HP-80 MRI protects the HP pumps against the very strong permanent magnetic field up to 20 mT.

  • It also protects the imaging process against disturbances caused by the infusion/syringe pumps (here infusion pumps).

Key Features of HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

  • Safely administering infusion therapy in MRI environments

  • Compatible with HP PRO series pumps

  • Designed for the MRI environments

Specifications of HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

NameHP-80 MRI Infusion workstation
Infusion ChannelsA maximum of 4 infusion/syringe pumps can be combined
Compatible Pump ModelHP-30 PRO syringe pump HP TCI PRO syringe pump HP-30 Neo
syringe pump HP-60 PRO infusion pumpBoth 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla
Magnetic ScannerTo be used in magnetic field up to 20mT
Magnetic FieldInput voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Power AdapterInput power: 25VA.
DimensionDC output voltage: 5V 2A.
Weight About499 (L) x 290 (W) x 674 (H) mm
Power supply21.9Kg
AC power supply: 100-240V, 50.60Hz
Input power: 200VA

Details of HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

Compatible with HP PRO series pumps                                                                      Designed for the MRI environments

HP-80 Infusion Workstation             HP-80 Infusion Workstation

Image of HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation

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