DR X-ray Machine

DR X-ray Machine is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. Based on the direct film imaging of the diagnostic X-ray machine, real-time image digital processing is carried out through A/D conversion and D/A conversion, and the image is digitized. The DR X-ray photography system has the advantages of clear image quality, fast imaging speed, and less radiation than traditional X-ray machine. It’s used in radiology department to take pictures of various parts of the body for patients of different body types, different parts and different ages.

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FAQ of DR X-ray Machine

Which brand of the tube and flat panel detector?

We provide our self-owned tube, or famous brand like Toshiba, Flat Panel Detector is produced by ourselves which quality is very stable.

Do you supply the related products, like printer and film?

Yes, we supply the x ray film printer and dry film printer with different size of dry film, also the protection accessories, like lead apron, gown, etc.

Which size of the flat panel detector you have?

We have 14’’*17’’ and 17’’*17’’ detector for choice.

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