• SKB1C Stair Stretcher
  • SKB1C Stair Chair Stretcher
  • SKB1C Stair Stretcher
  • SKB1C Stair Stretcher

SKB1C Stair Stretcher

  • Scientific design, ergonomics, simple structure, simple operation, reliable and secure

  • Widely used in the home for the old people, school security, hospitals, hotels, etc for emergency evacuation

  • 11 process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-bacterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact

Key Features (SKB1C10, SKB1C01-1, SKB1C02-1) of SKB1C Stair Stretcher

  • A circuit is inside the pipe, waterproof, noiseless during operation. Compliance with EU safety standards

  • With LED night light, LCD power display

  • High strength aluminum alloy, foldable stretcher, compact and lightweight, easy to carry

  • Can climb up and down stairs smoothly and steadily by rubber track

  • Can move on the ground as a manual wheelchair

  • With a strong grip track, prevent glide or fall when stopping on the stairs

  • Backrest height adjustable, meet different users

  • Foldable stretcher, easy for carrying and storage

Technical Specifications of SKB1C Stair Stretcher

  • Backrest with folding handle, front telescopic handle, easy to operate

  • PU sponge mattress with adjustable backrest and detachable pillow

  • 24V, 200W brushless motor, with cover, the power system with soft start protection, make a battery and motor using time longer, lower noise

  • With detachable battery, under-seat, in line with international standards, not close to the human body, making users feel more comfortable

  • With vest type, metal buckle straps, to ensure the safety during transport

  • With 4 wear-resistant rubber wheels, the chair can use as a wheelchair on the ground

Technical Parameters of SKB1C Stair Stretcher

Full size (LxWxH)

1230 x 500 x 1600mm

Folded size (LxWxH)

1020 x 550 x 210mm

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