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  • Handheld Vein Finder

NAVI-60 Vein Finder

  • Vein Finder Navi-60 by Medcaptain – Providing a real-time accurate image of the surface of the skin, helping medical professionals verify the status of veins and reducing the risk of venipuncture. 

  • With the help of Navi-60, healthcare professionals may gain the benefit of reducing costs, improvement of infection control, and improvement of patient safety & satisfaction.

Key Features of NAVI-60 Vein Finder

  • Portable & can be used with a battery

  • Colorful

  • Multi-applications

  • Real-time image displayed on the skin

  • Lightweight – suitable for use without a mobile or fixed mount

  • Detect veins on the hand, face & feet

Application Departments of NAVI-60 Vein Finder

NAVI-60 Led Vein Finder

Details of NAVI-60 Vein Finder

NAVI-60 Led Vein Finder

Mounting Solutions of NAVI-60 Vein Finder

Navi FS Fixed Support                                                                                                          Navi-MS Mobile Support

NAVI-60 Led Vein Finder                                                                                            navi-60-led-vein-finder-4.jpgnavi-60-led-vein-finder-5.jpg                                                                                                                                                 

Image of NAVI-60 Vein Finder

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