• SE-2003 12 Channel Ecg Machine Price

SE-2003/SE-2012 ECG Holter

  • The ECG holter machine reaches protection grade up to IP27, intending to prevent unexpected damages from water or dust, which maximizes patients' freedom in their daily life and facilitates the cleaning and sterilization procedure in the hospital.

  • EDAN Holter Recorder is designed with low power consumption, which enables it to record as long as 8 days with a single piece of Li-ion battery.

Key Features of SE-2003/SE-2012 ECG Holter

  • Efficiency in Templates Classification.

  • Dynamic Learning & Searching Engine.

  • Waveform Superposition Heat Map.

  • The atrial fibrillation segments can be automatically detected and presented in the AFIB list, where you can quickly locate and check the distinct period of waveforms. It also supports a one-button operation to delete SVE in the AFIB period.

  • The HRV analysis module brings comprehensive information through Time-domain methods and Frequency-domain methods, presenting Histogram, Trend Graph, Evaluation Table and Spectrum.

  • The Lorenz Plots shows the R-R intervals in a visualized way to quickly indicate the nonhomogeneous beat-to-beat variability. You can also reversely select the distinct points to

    view the corresponding waveforms.

Specification of SE-2003/SE-2012 ECG Holter


Color LCD Screen (128 × 128 pixels)

Power Supply

Battery type

1 AAA alkaline, Li-Fe, or Ni-MH battery

Battery life

12-channel recording: 24 hours to 144 hours

3-channel recording: 24hours to 192 hours

HR Recognition

HR Range

30 BPM ~300 BPM

Signal Sampling

Sampling Rate


Acquisition Mode

Simultaneous acquisition of 3/12 channels

Frequency Response

0.05Hz to 100Hz (-3dB)

Input Impedance


AD Converter

8/12/14/16/18 bits


5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV, ±5%



Pacemaker Detection


±1mV to ±200 mV


0.1 to 2.0 ms

Data Storage

Data Storage

Micro SD Card (Industrial Grade, 1GB)

Data Transmission

Through USB cable or SD card reader

Dust & Waterproof level



Pacemaker Detection;

Lead-off Detection;

Low-power Detection;

Event Marker Function;

Auto Identification of Cable.

Image of SE-2003/SE-2012 ECG Holter

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