• EXC200 Fully Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

EXC200 Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

  • A cost-effective choice dedicated for small healthcare sites

  • Integrated design combined operation system with analyzer spares more space for small labs, clinics and etc

  • Colorful touch screen and intuitive navigation menu offer a user-friendly experience

  • Minimum reaction volume 90uL and lower water consumption result in the cost-effectiveness

Key Features of EXC200 Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

  • Bilateral LIS interface allows convenient results transfer

  • 97 original reagents and quality controls ensure reliable and traceable results

  • 24-hour non-stop cooling to keep reagent in good condition

  • High-pressure wash probe both inside and outside to keep low carryover: ­0.005%

  • Probe designed with liquid detection, auto-depth adjustment, and collision protection

  • Key parts imported from top companies

  • Advanced absorbance reading with the linearity is 0-4.0 Abs

  • Post spectrophotometry optical system to make a more reliable result

Specifications of EXC200 Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

  • Throughput: 240 T/H for single reagent; 160 T/H for dual reagents

  • Methodology: End point, Fixed-time (two point), Kinetic

  • Programming: Open/close system(optional)

  • Wavelength: (340-800) nm, in total 12 wavelengths

  • Sample capacity: 2 uL -50 uL, step by 0.5 uL

  • Sample volume: 40 positions

  • Sample probe: Liquid level detection, auto-depth adjustment, and collision protection

  • Sample type: Serum, plasma, urine, gastric fluids, pleuroperitoneal fluids, and CSF

  • Reagent capacity: 40 positions

  • Reagent volume: 10 uL-400 uL, step by 0.5 uL

  • Cuvette: 63 cuvettes with 5mm optical path diameter

Images of EXC200 Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

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