Sterilizer & Autoclave

The medical autoclave sterilizer is an instrument that can kill or remove all microorganisms on the transmission medium, including bacterial spores and non-pathogenic microorganisms. There are usually three methods: moist heat disinfection and sterilization, dry heat disinfection and sterilization, and chemical disinfection and sterilization. It’s suitable for sterilization of different medical devices. The main types of sterilizers are as follows: portable pressure steam sterilizer, horizontal cylindrical steam sterilizer and vertical pressure steam sterilizer, etc. You can click the links below to view more information and details about specific product. Welcome to contact us for further understanding.

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FAQ of Sterilizer & Autoclave

What kind sterilizer & autoclave do you have?

We have portable, vertical and horizontal type; Also steam autoclavable and H2O2 plasma sterilizer, etc.

Do you have a capacity of 100L Steam Sterilizer?

Yes, we have the capacity of 35L, 50L, 75L and 100L of vertical sterilizer. 

Do you have a dental autoclave?

Yes, we have the particular dental autoclave by portable type.

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