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DYX-1A Low Vacuum Electric Suction Apparatus

Low Vacuum Electric Suction Unit Model DYX-1A is a special apparatus that is used for sucking amniotic fluid and phlegm from neonates and infants born by cesarean section. It can also be used for postoperatively suctioning in gastroenteric or in the Dept. Of surgery and internal medicine.

Key Features of DYX-1A Low Vacuum Electric Suction Apparatus

  • Safely powered by electromagnetic pump, no positive pressure producing.

  • The air emitted by the pump is prefiltered by a bacterial filter which provides an effective barrier against contamination and protection to the environment.

  • Vacuum regulator with a locked set can be optionally regulated according the requirements.

  • Transparent plastic bottle with overflow preventive valve can be sterilized. The unit comes complete with a choice of 1000ml or 2000ml capacity jar.

  • Body made of plastic material is light, compact, and convenient for carrying and operating.

Specifications of DYX-1A Low Vacuum Electric Suction Apparatus

  • Max Vacuum: 18±1.5KPa (135±11mmHg)

  • Flow rate: ≥6L/min

  • Noise: ≥55dB(A)

  • Jar capacity: 1000ml (PC)

  • Input: 30VA

  • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

  • Dimension: 385mm×185mm×350mm

  • G.W./N.W.: 3kg/2.5kg

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