In-Vitro Diagnostics Equipment

We'll just name a few common IVD in vitro diagnostic medical devices examples for your reference which are hematology analyzer, chemistry analyzer, specific protein analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, real-time PCR and HB meter machine, etc.

In vitro diagnostic industry and laboratory medicine constitute an organic whole integrity that is different but closely related to each other. In vitro diagnosis industry is the "tool" and "weapon" of laboratory medicine, while laboratory medicine is the "user" and "market" of in vitro diagnosis industry.  The common purpose of both is to implement in-vitro diagnosis. About 80% of clinical diagnostic information comes from in-vitro diagnosis, which accounts for less than 20% of medical costs. Ivd equipment has become an increasingly important part of human disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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FAQs Of In-Vitro Diagnostics Equipment

Will I get reagent after buying machines from you?

Yes, we supply various reagent for chemistry & hematology & electrolyte & specific protein analyzer and for other machines that require reagent.

Will I get training on machine operation?

Yes, we will supply either on-site training, online training or training videos for you . We can also arrange local engineers to your place and train your medical stuff.

What's your delivery time?

Our delivery is normally within 2 weeks after your payment.

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