• 8Q80 Neonatal Warmer

BQ80 Infant Radiant Warmer Machine for Newborn

BQ80 warmer machine for newborn integrates a specialized neonatal monitoring system. This infant warmer machine can monitor the vital signs and waveforms of newborns in real-time during resuscitation without an additional patient monitor so that medical staff can evaluate and decide if the resuscitation measures are effective.

BQ80 Infant Warmer Machine for Newborn Key Features

  • 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen;

  • Centralized display of all neonatal waveforms and data for easy viewing and operation;

  • Ambient light sensor, automatically adjusted screen brightness.

  • The alarm can be detected from every angle, whereby the event can be more noticeable.

  • Built-in damping components, reduce the influence of noise on neonatal.

  • Pedals or touch screen control, allows the medical staff to have a comfortable operating platform and could conveniently sit down during the home care.

  • The bed can be tilted through the touch screen, support one-button angle adjustment can be leveled with one button when weighing, accurate and fast.

  • The patented tilt angle display function is accurate and visualized by a built-in angle sensor.

  • Support horizontal and vertical rotation, neonatal can still be continuously heated during shooting X-rays and stay away from catching a cold or being subjected to cold stress.

  • Measuring the weight of neonate, convenient to record and observe neonate growth trends.

BQ80 Infant Warmer Machine Technical Specifications

  • Standard Configuration: Radiant warming (far-infrared radiation heating), Bassinet tilt, X-ray film cassette, ± 90° rotation of the lamp holder, Storage box with pull-out drawer, Three-layer overheating protection, APGAR timer, Puncture lamp, Damping door, Lifting system, Gesture mute alarm, Temp, Datalogger

  • Optional Configuration: Phototherapy apparatus, ECG, RESP, SPO2, NIBP, EtCO2, Weighing, Apnea wake-up, Tray, Bracket, Resuscitation (Air-oxygen mixing, Negative-pressure sputum suction, PEEP, Airway pressure monitoring, Peak inspiratory pressure control, Negative pressure monitoring, Mechanical alarm)

  • Screen Size: 10.4" LCD touch screen, Resolution: 800 × 600

  • Control Mode: Pre-warm Mode, Manual Mode, and Baby Mode are controlled by micro-computer

  • Baby Mode temperature control range: 32-38℃

  • Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.5℃

  • Temperature uniformity of mattress: ≤2℃

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