• SYS-70 Electronic Iv Pump
  • SYS-70 Electronic Iv Pump

SYS-70 Infusion Pump

SYS-70 Infusion Pump connects to a "drip" or IV bag and tube and assists in regulating the procedure with determinants like the fluid flow, as well as detecting air bubbles and occlusions to ensure maximum safety. An easy-to-use, state-of-the-art IV infusion device used to safely administer and track infusions.

Key Features of SYS-70 Infusion Pump

  • 3.5″ Touch Screen operated with the responsive and clear touch screen it's easier to see parameters are easy to read and easy to control.

  • Automatic pump door & Automatic anti-flow system

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • Ingress Protection by IP34

  • Large capacity Li-ion battery

  • Innovative pressure-adjustable pump finger

  • Dual occlusion system

  • Wide range of infusion rate

  • Intermittent air bubbles alarm rate

  • Different infusion models integrated with SYS-50/52 and SYS-70 fulfil clinical demands

  • Connection to Center Monitoring System enables real time monitoring and centralized infusion management

  • Docking Station makes one charging cable possible for all pumps

Specifications of SYS-70 Infusion Pump

  • Screen: 3.5"LCD touchscreen, 7 colors

  • Compatible IV set: All disposable IV sets conform to the ISO 8356-4 or ISO 8356-8 standards

  • Infusion mode: Rate, Time, Weight, Loading Dose, Trapezia, Sequence, Micro, Drip Mode

  • Infusion rate range: 0.1-1500 ml/h (or 0.03-500 d/min)

  • Preset time: 1 min - 99 h 59 min, minimum increment 1 min

  • Total volume display: 0 - 99999 ml

  • Accuracy: ≤土5%

  • KVO rate: 0.1 - 30.0 ml/h

  • Bolus rate: Manual/ Rapid quantitative: 1500 mI/h Automatic bolus: 0.1 - 1500 m/h

  • Air-bubble detection: Single bubble size: 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 and 800 (ul) Cumulated bubble size: 100 ul/15 min, 200 u/15 min, 400 u/15 mn,50uI/15 min, 600 ul/15 min, 800 ul/15 min and 1000 ul/15 min

  • Occlusion level: 13 levels selectable, 75 mmHg - 975 mmHg

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