• FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system
  • FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system
  • FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system

FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system

  • With the central monitoring system, the nurse could keep track of all the patients in real time, saving time from frequently checking by the bedside, hence freeing nurses from busy works.

  • Being part of the FTS-6, the powerful central monitoring system not only allows you to manage all the patient data in real time but also able to record, analyze, save, print and review patient data.

Key Features of FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system

  • 360°rotating transducer holder provides full convenience for transducer pick & place, which allows free positioning of each wireless transducer.

  • All-in-one PC with a touchable screen provides a platform for a surveillance software system that works as one central monitoring system as well as one CTG monitoring display with informative clinical messages.

  • Down lit pull-out keyboard is available for data entry and reports generation.

  • The spacious design allows extra space for accessories and an external printer.

  • The FTS-6 multi-display mode allows caretakers to work through with patients easier and faster. Meanwhile, the nationally standardized NICHD analysis program together with CTG analysis are preprogrammed in the system.

  • The flexible report editing function fits in users' working experiences and preferences.

Specifications of FTS-6 Fetal Telemetry system

Display (Main Display)

21.5inch, Wide TFT Color LCD Touch Screen (16:9)

Display (Transducer)

0.96 inch, 128×64Pixel, OLED Display

Ultrasound Transducer

Configuration 8 probes (Max.) / 4 probes (Min.)

12-Crystal Transducer, Weight<170g

Dimension (81±1) mm × (35±1) mm

TOCO Transducer

Configuration 7 pieces (Max.)/4 pieces (Min.)

Weight<170g, Dimension (81±1) mm × (35±1) mm

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nominal Voltage 3.7V

Nominal Capacity 1600mAh

Continuous Working Time >8hours

Necessary Charge Time<5hours

Cycle Life >500 times

FHR Operating Mode

PW with Autocorrelation

Working Frequency


FHR Measurement

50bpm ~ 240bpm

TOCO Range

0 ~ 100

Non-linear Error




AFM Display Range

0 ~ 999

FM Mode


AFM Mode

Trace (default)/Black Mark

AMF Technique

Pulsed Doppler Ultrasound

RF EIRP Output Power


Frequency Range

2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz

Channel Range


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