• Mobile Doctor Clinic

Mobile Clinic & Hospital

  • Many hospitals are reducing the visit frequency of inpatient and outpatient. This will cause more inconvenience for patients. To address the daily medical needs of those patients, the special mobile special medical vehicles can provide another choice of fast, quality, and comprehensive medical services.

  • It is installed with various physical examination equipment which can provide on-site consultation, physical health data collection, detection, and treatment.

Types Of Mobile Clinic & Hospital

  • Mobile X-ray Vehicle

  • Mobile Gynecological Vehicle

  • Mobile Examination Vehicle

  • Mobile ENT Vehicle

  • Mobile Dental Vehicle

  • Mobile Blood Collecting Vehicle

  • Mobile Laboratory Vehicle

  • MRI Hemodialysis Vehicle

  • Mobile PCR Vehicle

  • Mobile Vaccine Vehicle

  • Mobile Refrigerated Vehicle

Technical Configuration Of Mobile Clinic & Hospital

  • Stationary Digital X-ray Machine with Printer and Film

  • Portable Color Ultrasound Scanner 

  • 3/5 Part Hematology Analyzer

  • Semi-auto / Fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

  • Medicine and Reagent Refrigerator

  • Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) System

  • Urine Analyzer

  • PCR Test System

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