• YP-2008 Isolette Infant Incubator

YP-2008 Infant Incubator

YP-2008 is a unique multifunctional infant incubator, which can quickly switch the dual working mode of the incubator and the warming platform, providing a stable and continuous warm environment for the baby.

Key Features of YP-2008 Infant Incubator

  • Two control modes: Air mode and Baby mode servo-controlled by micro-computer;

  • The information can be stored, checked, and indicated by the color LCD screen;

  • Humidity and oxygen concentration display and servo control system;

  • ">37℃" temperature set function;

  • The air circle with outlet in both front and back of the hood;

  • Low noise brushless DC motor;

  • Operating doors on three sides;

  • X-ray cassette under the bassinet;

  • Water reservoir integrated with heater, high-temperature disinfection can be applied;

  • The inclination of the bassinet is adjustable;

  • The height of the whole unit can be adjusted;

  • Multiple failure alarm indications;

  •  RS-232 connector for data output.

Technical Specifications of YP-2008 Infant Incubator

  • Power supply: AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz, 1300VA

  • Air temperature control range: 25'C-37'C(override mode 37C-39℃)

  • Baby temperature control range: 34℃-37'C(override mode 37C-38C)

  • Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.2'℃

  • Temperature uniformity: ≤0.8'℃(mattress is on the horizontal position)

  • ≤1.0'℃(mattress is on the maximum tin position)

  • The inclination of the bassinet: ±12° (step-less adjustable)

  • The noise inside hood: ≤45dB(A)

  • Failure alarm: over-temperature alarm, temperature deviation alarm, sensor alarm, motor fan failed alarm, power failure alarm, water tank position alarm, system alarm, and so on.

  • Humidity display range: 0%RH-99%RH

  • Humidity control range: 0%RH-90%RH

  • Accuracy of humidity display: ±5%RH

  • Accuracy of humidity control: ±5%RH

  • Indication range of oxygen concentration: 0%~99%

  • Control range of oxygen concentration: 20%-60%

  • Indication accuracy of oxygen concentration:

    ±2%(oxygen concentration setting value is 25% and below)

    ±3%(Oxygen concentration setting value is 25%and above)

  • Control accuracy of oxygen concentration: ±4%

  • Weighing Range: 0-8000g (weight system)

  • Resolution for weight indication: 1g (weight system)

  • Accuracy of weighing indication: ±1% (weight system)

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