• Safe Accurate Blood Glucose Meter
  • Safe Accurate Blood Glucose Meter
  • Exactive Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • Safe Accurate Blood Glucose Meter

Safe Accu2 Blood Glucose Meter

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System /Blood Glucose Sugar Test Kit with Codefree Strips. 

  • Precise & Easy to use: Codefree test strips, only 10s testing time, 0.6 micro liters blood sample volume. 

  • The test strips have advanced technology and stability. Results given in the UK standard measurement of mmol/L.

Key Features of Safe Accu2 Blood Glucose Meter

  • Safety: The test strips have advanced technology and stability: Strips ejector, safe and hygienic.

  • Powerful and Advanced: Large screen display clearly & Light warning. 200 test memory, which can display the data average of 7 days, 14 days, and 30 days. Helps you to know your blood glucose values changes.

  • Blood Glucose Testing Kit: This kit includes a blood glucose monitor Safe Accu2 & Strips  & Lancets & Painfree lancing device & a Case & User manual. A set of equipment to meet all your needs when measuring blood sugar.

  • Tips: After taking the Strip, immediately cover the vial. To avoid losing efficiency. Insert test strip into the slot of the strip, The test strip is suggested to use in 3 minutes. Write the discard date (6 months after opening the vial) on the vial label when you open it for the first time. Discard the remaining test strips after the discard date.

Technical Specifications of Safe Accu2 Blood Glucose Meter

  • Item Type: Blood Glucose

  • Material: Medical PVC

  • Size: 161 x 112 x 50 mm

  • Model Number: Safe-Accu2

  • Item Name: Blood Glucose Meter

  • Test strips packing: Separated packing

  • Blood volume: 0.6ul

  • Test time: 10s

  • Test range: 20-600mg/dL

  • Without Bar Code: No coding

  • Measurement unit: mg/dL VS mmol/L

  • Memory: 200 sets with date & time

  • Suitable for: Diabetics, seniors, pregnant woman

  • Easy to carry: Portable bag as a gift

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