• YX980D High Vacuum Suction Machine

YX980D Electric Suction Apparatus

Model YX980D Electric Suction Apparatus offers high vacuum and high flow with double piston cylinders. It rapidly builds up a powerful vacuum and is especially used for surgical operations where large quantities of fluid must be suctioned out quickly. Advanced design idea, as well as a perfect configuration, performs satisfactory functions.

Key Features of YX980D Electric Suction Apparatus

  • Oil-less piston pump, maintenance free, flow rate can reach to over 80L/min, rapid vacuum rising.

  • Overflow protection device prevents liquid from entering into the inner pipe.

  • Air filter protects pump from being polluted.

  • Transparent and high intensity polycarbonate plastic jar, high capacity and easy to clean.

  • Can select empty container fast during operation by change-over valve, rinsing cup is for placing catheter during operation.

  • The accessory box on the back of the case is for laying foot switch, power cord, etc, which is more convenient during movement or storage.

Specifications of YX980D Electric Suction Apparatus

  • Max vacuum: ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg)

  • Adjustable vacuum range: 0.02MPa~0.09MPa

  • Flow rate: ≥80L/min

  • Noise: ≤60dB(A)

  • Jar: 4000ml×2+2000ml×2(PC)

  • Power supply: AC220 50Hz

  • Input power: 280VA

  • Dim: 44cm×50cm×99.5cm

  • G.W./N.W.: 25kg/22kg

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