• M12 Healthcare Monitoring System

M12 Patient Monitor

  • 12' high definition screen, resolution 1280×800. 

  • A large capacity for data storage enables a comprehensive review of patients' data. 

  • The extra-large storage box can be easily put into the whole set of accessories.

Features of M12 Patient Monitor

  • The innovative algorithm can monitor the real-time Respiration Rate from Pleth(RRP).

  • Ergonomic appearance is convenient for the users to operate and observe.

  • Portable design with concealed handle.

  • High efficient capacitive touch screen with HD visual experience.

  • Operate with gestures, easy and simple.

  • Integrated full front panel without gaps, easy to clean.

  • Wide range of mounting solutions for various clinical needs.

  • By pulling the release bolt, our monitor can be quickly removed from the wall mount or trolley for transport.

Standard Configuration of M12 Patient Monitor

  • 3/5/6 lead ECG, HR, Resp, SpO2, PI, RR(from pleth), NIBP, Temp

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (2.5Ah).

Optional Configuration of M12 Patient Monitor

  • Touch Screen, Wifi Module, Thermal Printer, Rolling stand, Wall mount,

  • nurse call/defibrillation sync. / analog output, VGA output,

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (5Ah).

  • M12 only: 2-IBP, Mainstream/Microflow EtCO2

Image of M12 Patient Monitor

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