• F3 Labor And Delivery Monitor

F3 Fetal Monitor

  • With its elegant design, bright color screen, and enhanced functionality, F3 fetal monitor would address the needs of obstetrical departments in both clinics and hospitals.

  • F3 is amazingly lightweight and portable, which makes it suitable for outpatient service.

  • With the latest technologies from EDAN, F3 offers an extensive set of monitoring parameters such as FHR, TOCO, DECG, IUP and fetal movement.

Key Features of F3 Fetal Monitor

  • Compact, portable and lightweight

  • Long life Li-ion battery for outpatient service

  • 5.6" foldable color TFT screen

  • Large numeric and waveform display

  • Simple workflow with silicone buttons for operations

  • Signals Overlap Verification to differentiate twins FHR

  • FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position

  • Built-in thermo printer

  • Print on 150/152 mm width recording paper

  • 1/2/3 cm/min real-time printing speed

  • 15 mm/sec fast printing speed for history traces

  • 60 hours built-up memory for seamless monitoring

  • MFM-CNS network for remote monitoring

  • MFM-CNS Lite for data management on PC

  • USB port to enlarge storage capacity

Specifications of F3 Fetal Monitor


5.6inch, 112.9mm (W) x 84.7mm(H)

Ultrasound Transducer

8-Crystal Transducer, Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 190g

Dimension 88mm × 35mm, Color Pink

TOCO Transducer

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 180g

Dimension 88mm × 35mm

Remote Event Marker

Cable Length 2.5m, Weight 56g

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Nominal Voltage 14.8V

Nominal Capacity 5000mAh

Continuous Working Time >7hours

Necessary Charge Time<6hours

Cycle Life >300 times


Thermal Dot-matrix Recorder

FHR Scaling

30bpm/cm (American Standard)

20bpm/cm (International Standard)

TOCO Printout Width


TOCO Scaling


Printing Speed

Standard Speed (Real-Time Traces) 1/2/3 cm/min

Fast Print Speed (Stored Traces) Up to 15mm/sec

Accuracy of Data

± 5% (X-Axis)

± 1% (Y-Axis)


8 dots/mm

Record Information

FHR1 trace/mark, FHR2 trace/mark, TOCO trace, AFM


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