China Phlegm Suction Unit

The China phlegm suction unit is mainly an electric multifunctional negative pressure suction device and a simple manual sputum suction device. The operation end needs to be connected to a suction tube or a sponge suction tube for use. Generally, electric type is commonly used, with power switch and manual switch, using the principle of negative pressure for sputum suction and oral care, simple and easy to learn. Phlegm suction device produced by us, a professional suction apparatus factory, is used for routine sputum suction and tracheotomy for the wounded and sick. It is suitable for emergency medical treatment and hospital operation room or homes when there is respiratory mucus or vomiting.

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Suction Machine FAQs

What is the size of storage bottles?

Being a professional suction machine factory, we provide 1L/2L/2.5L/3L, 1 or 2pcs suction machine for different needs.

Do you have a Low Vacuum Suction Machine?

Yes, we have this type with 1L bottle.

What is the Max Vacuum?

It’s ≥0.09Mpa(680mmHg), and range from 0.02~0.09MPa (150~680mmHg)

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