Medical Equipment Solutions

  • Medical Equipment in Radiology & Imaging Department
    Radiology & Imaging Department The radiology department is an important auxiliary examination department in a healthcare facility. More
  • Medical Equipment in Operating Theater Department
    Operating Theater Department Operating Theater is an important technical department of the hospital that provides surgery and rescue for patients. More
  • Medical Equipment in ICU Department
    ICU Department ICU department is Intensive Care Unit (ICU), also known as the Comprehensive Treatment Room of the Intensive Care Unit. More
  • Medical Equipment in Laboratory Department
    Laboratory Department Hospital Laboratory Department is relatively a demanding section. More
  • Medical Equipment in OB & GYN Department
    OB & GYN Department OB & GYN Department is one of the four main disciplines of clinical medicine that specializes in the care of women during pregnancy & childbirth and in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs. More
  • Medical Equipment in Emergency Department
    Emergency Department The emergency department is one department that faces the most concentrated patients, most types of diseases, heaviest rescue, and management tasks in the hospital. It is the only way for all emergency patients to be admitted to the hospital for treatment. More
  • Hemodialysis Department
    Hemodialysis Department Hemodialysis Department is a place where patients with chronic renal failure or acute renal failure caused by related diseases are treated with renal replacement therapy by means of hemodialysis. More
  • Medical Equipment in Ambulance & Mobile Clinic
    Mobile Health Services Department Ambulance & Mobile Clinic functions as an extension of hospitals. More
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